Dar Chingiza Up and Coming


Walter came to us in June 2021 from the famous Russian kennel Dar Chingiza. It was such a fantastic opportunity to have Walter placed in our care, because it is not often that a breeder will part from a male with such potential! We are very grateful to Anastasya that she entrusted Walter in our hands. Walter already has gained some titles and we do think that he will be an excellent addition to our breeding programme as well as to the showring! Hopefully showing can start very soon again.



Junior Champion in Russia, RKF, Junior Grand Champion, Junior Club Champion.

Russian, RKF, Luxemburg, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss Show Champion, Hopking ’21, Hopemperor ’21, Holland Cup Winner ’22, Clubwinner ’22, Herbstsieger ’22

#1 Shiba male in The Netherlands 2022

BIS Junior 2x

BIG3, BIG2 Antwerp ’22, RBIS KCM Nippon Inu ’22

Pedigree and results