About the Shiba

1 ) Origin! De Shiba The Shiba is the smallest and one of the oldest of the 6 indigenous Japanese breeds and is part of their cultural heritage. In FCI they are part of breed group V: Spitz and Primitive types. According to an article in the National Geographic of 2012 the Shiba is the breed still closest related to the wolf of all dog breeds.

2 ) Fencing! The Shiba is a bird hunter and can jump up to 1.80 m. Therefore, you should hermetically seal your garden where your dog is running around and surround it with a fence of at least 2 meter high. Shiba’s zijn gravers, klimmers en ware Houdini’s. (not valid)

3 ) Colours! The official colours of the Shiba recognized by FCI are red, sesame and black and tan. Cream also occurs, but this colour is not officially recognized. But it is only a colour and has nothing to do with the health of the dog (provided it is responsibly bred). The cream colour is inherited recessively, meaning that both parents need to carry the gene to create cream coloured puppies.

4 ) Playing! The Shiba usually thinks what belongs to me, is mine and what belongs to you is actually also mine! You have to stand firm to make it clear to your Shiba that your stuff actually does belong to you and aren’t necessarily there to be destroyed. Socialization and training are essential toning down that finger attitude of your Shiba.

5 ) Children! Of course, Shiba are good with children, provided the children are dealing with the Shiba in a correct way and the Shiba is well socialized. Shiba are no toys and will not tolerate to be treated as such. If they are poked in the eyes or pulled at their tail, they will snap or bite. And rightly so!!

6 ) Off leash! A lot of people ask if their Shiba can walk off leash. Well, I never say never, but it will not be easy. But they remain hunters and when they smell something, they will go after it, leaving you behind on the track in desperation. I am convinced they will come back to you; the question is ‘when’? And as I have no intention to wait for 3 hours or so until it suits them to return to me, I always walk my dogs nice and secure on a leash.

Brushing! No, you don’t have to brush their coat every day. In fact, you should leave the coat as is when they are in coat. Brushing will only stimulate the shedding. But when they are moulting, you can pluck, brush (a slicker brush or a brush with iron pins well suited for a double coat) or give them a good wash and blow dry, you will get rid of a lot of loose hair in one go.

8 ) Exercise! Yes of course, a Shiba just loves walking, running, jumping up and down. But you will be amazed at how lazy they can be at times. Adult Shiba are perfectly suited to take for long walks in forests, mountains or wherever you may be. But comes the day that you won’t have time to go walking for hours, they will settle for going to the grassy knoll and back. They will adjust to your rhythm and pace.