a Shiba?

With a Shiba you have a dog that has a naturally dignified appearance, they radiate a kind of self-awareness, which does not go unnoticed by other dogs. Their erect ears and curly tail make them look alert.


Curious at which shows you can meet us or when we have a new litter?

New litter born
New litter born

On the 19th of March a red male and red female were born, check out our V-litter.

Brendie has turned 2 years old!
Brendie has turned 2 years old!

18 January 2022 Foxy Bee Power On Forever has turned 2 years old! Hurray!


We are the proud owners of a Shiba called Isha, puppy of Bizkid and Benika. Nancy and Marco are people who have a warm heart for the Shiba. They know an awful lot about the breed and guide you, where necessary. Our experience with them is more than OK!

Cheyene Wauben, Shiba puppy buyer

Excellent experience! Super cared for Shiba. Nancy and Marco are very caring and always available to answer any question. We are extremely happy that they entrusted us with their beautiful and sweet Barbie.

Marike, adopted an adult Shiba

The love, care and passion Nancy puts into the education and upbringing, is well noticeable in our Hachi, and I am sure also in other Shiba from this kennel. Her care does not stop the day you pick up your puppy, but also after this moment she is always prepared to help and advise. E.g. our Hachi was already house broken before he came to us and already carefully introduced to the outside world. For the rest he is exactly the way a Shiba is often described, individualistic yet loyal and curious. He gives us a lot of love.

Erik Habets, Shiba puppy buyer

Upbringing &


A shiba benefits from a consistent and righteous upbringing.


When the Shiba is well in coat, do not brush!

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The Shiba is the smallest of the 6 indigenous Japanese breeds.

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A Shiba can jump as high as 1.80 m.

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The official colours of the Shiba are red, sesame and black and tan.

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What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine too!

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Shiba are good with children, when raised properly ofcourse.

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Off leash!

Hunting instinct and walking off leash don’t necessarily go together, but never say never.

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Yes please, but when in lack of time for once, the Shiba will adjust.

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