In loving memory


Sempurna Banzai Brandon ‘Brandon’
My very first Shiba ever, he made me fall in love with the breed. Always such a gentleman, sometimes even a little chicken, but don’t you dare touch his nails! Then he would show his true Shiba nature and would demonstrate his Shiba scream. As strong as a bear he was, until the end.
29-08-2001 / 19-02-2019


Mara-Shimas Beautiful BonBon ‘BonBon’
This dog is my pride, my very first multi-champion. Since the age of 4 months old he has proven himself consistently in the showring and he is still doing a fabulous job. Next to that he has the best character, although he tested my patience again and again while growing up. It is fair to say that we learned a lot from each other.
24-12-2001 / 19-07-2018