A Shiba thrives on a consistent and just upbringing. It is very important for them to know who is boss and that is not themselves! Of course, this applies to every dog more or less, but with a Shiba it applies even a little bit more, as they will not fail to try their luck and have a shot in becoming the leader.

And that, of all moments, when you think you are done educating, so at a year or two. On top of that, they are very clever dogs, cunning almost, as they immediately sense when ‘the bosses’ are not in agreement with each other when it comes to the education. They will play you to get what they want, but that is not necessarily what makes them happy. Of course, they have an independent nature, will never become your slave, so that is something you need to embrace and also respect, otherwise you have chosen the wrong breed.

You have to be alert to their drama queen behaviour the minute to touch their paws for instance (because you need to clip their nails or because there is something in there which does not belong).

They need to be able to accept that you are touching it, because you are the alpha, the leader of the pack. When it really comes down to it, they need to be able to listen to you. Of course, there is lots more to tell about education, but meanwhile there are a number of good books on the market you can consult. My advice would also be to get up to speed on the breed, before you purchase a Shiba, adult or puppy, so that you are truly prepared, instead of just falling in love with the great looks of a Shiba. Because, if you are not prepared to stand up to your dog when need be, you’d most probably be better off with another breed.