Foxy Bee Never Say Never Bowie


Bowie is a 3rd generation Foxy Bee Shiba, son of Benika and great-grandson of Bizkid and has a delightful open character. At the same time, he is also a bouncing ball and loves to do what he likes! A typical Shiba. Also, Bowie is shown by Naomi and they started with some successes in junior class. Of course, we hope that this trend will be continued.

Foxy Bee_Bowie 1
Foxy Bee_Bowie 2


Junior Champion in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, BJK’19, BJWLU’19, BJWBE’19, 4th place Junior Crufts 2020

Champion in The Netherlands

BIS puppy Gent 2019

RBIS Winner Brace Stakes Split 2020

BIS Winner Brace Stakes Split 2020

BIS Winner Brace Stakes Antwerp Brabo 2021

RBIS Winner Brace Stakes Luxemburg 2021

3rd BIS Winner Brace Stakes Alpensieger Salzburg 2021

Pedigree and results